...Fitness & Hunting; This is just the beginning of What I Think...

Ok, so now you've heard about how how easy it is to become a hunter. It's  Not really that easy.  Its a lot harder than it seems.  Hunting takes education and dedication.  You have to be enthralled with maps, weather, elevation, and All wildlife.  You'll never look at a field of birds the same, or a deer walking across the road the same ever again.  Everything becomes a study.  It is a study of movement.  Where are they coming from?  Where are they headed?  How did they end up right here, right now at this moment.  A flock of geese landing on a golf course pond is a joy to watch as they cup and commit to the landing.  If only you had a blind there at that moment.  If only.

Ok, thats the part I'm going to focus on.  The "If only" moment.  There are a lot of things we can control, or think we're in control of, and a few things we can't control.  The more work you put in during the off season, the more of these variables you begin to control.  Until that final moment when something unexpected happens.    

The best thing we can do is be as ready as possible for anything.

I am a trainer so I am going to focus on Fitness.  I am going to wrap it in Realtree and blaze orange and give it back to you so you can relate to it, understand it and use it to make your hunt and your lifetime last forever. 

The fitness industry is the same as the wilderness we hunt.  It is vast and varying and ever-changing.  There is a wide variety of wildlife and each one is uniquely successful.  (I bet you never walk around the gym thinking about the other people as wildlife but it's kinda funny.)

So, here's my point.  It all works and it all doesn't work.  Each one of us is slightly different from the next.  You have to find out what works for you and your body and your goals.  That's the hard part.  How do you filter through all the madness?  

Let me help you.  


The first place to start is with a credible resource base and a good guide.  The same thing you would do on a new hunt in a new territory.

It's like this;  

You don't just walk into the woods and copy the guy on the ridgeline (although some do try).  He's up there for a reason.  He chose to be there at that exact time because he put his time in.  He was educated and dedicated and he knows he will be successful.  

You can do the same as you prepare your body.  Take the time to educate yourself.  Then dedicate yourself to your goals.  I am here to help you sort out some of the details as they relate to your body being ready to perform in the wilderness.  You, too, will be successful, and you will know why and how you got to that point at that exact moment.  

Keep this in mind as you ponder the idea of getting into better shape.  

"Fitness and Hunting is a Lethal Combination." - Shaun